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Dear doctor yesterday:

I'm sick. Like, we don't know what went wrong, but something went way wrong, and I finally admitted that Urgent Care was needed a week after the original "let's try and pass out" incident. You, of course, haven't actually managed to figure out what's wrong, but that's a post for another comm.

For this one, let's talk about my asthma attack in your exam room yesterday.

My body thinks it's a special snowflake when it's not sick, and it's worse about that tendency when it is.

I've had to hit my inhaler a couple times this week--after months of being mostly inhaler-free.

When I started coughing because you'd asked me to breathe deeply, my roommate went, "Oh hell, hon, did you bring your inhaler?"

Me, after having gotten round of coughing done with: "Seriously, it's like y'all expect me to be intelligent."

Roommate: "Okay, fine, after last night I should have brought one, damn it."

Doctor: "Don't worry, you're not wheezing, I don't think you need an inhaler."

Her: "Really? And what was your peak flow reading last night, babe?"

Me: "275."

Doctor: "....Still, no wheezing."

Dearest doctor: I very, very, very rarely wheeze. I just cough. I have that fun and pesky variety known as cough variant asthma, and my asthma has presented as such for over a decade. Trust me when I say, Roommate and I made faces at each other after you left the room.

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