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So I last wrote here just over a year ago asking for suggestions about pollen. I implemented a few of your suggestions, and I'm finally seeing a specialist in allergies and asthma instead of trying to diagnose myself from 1,500mi away from my primary doctor. And, having been on asthma medications over half my life, I am curious about what asthma medications you're all on.

For daily bronchodilators, I was on Advair (varied between 100/50 and 500/50) from age 10-12 to about age 21, then I switched to Symbicort (120/4.5 until two weeks ago, 80/4.5). I don't think I was ever instructed in the correct usage of either of these until recently. I was told a few times that I could back off of these medications by taking less of it in the day; about a month and a half ago I was told that this was not the ideal way to back off of these medications because you're getting less volume of the medicine rather than less strength and it's murky territory. Since then I'm religiously taking two puffs of Symbicort twice a day. However, since I've been on long-acting bronchodilators most of my life, I don't know what other options there are to treat asthma. Possibly less severe ones. So I'm curious, what do other people take for their asthma symptoms?

I also have had albuterol for a rescue inhaler and recently switched to Xopenex.

Also for the curious, I just wrote an entry in my Dreamwidth about allergy testing and how I'm conflicted about my asthma management.

Date: 2012-06-19 02:33 pm (UTC)
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I saw on your post that you mentioned recently re-adding gluten to your diet. I do know that after I went off gluten (presumed diagnosis of celiac based on symptoms, though I haven't been tested since I don't have the spoons to deal with a gluten challenge), my asthma and allergies have improved wildly. I still get attacks in peak pollen and on bad air quality/ozone days, but I went from debilitating sinus headaches 8 month of the year and oral steroids 2x a year, to much milder sinus pain and dropped my daily pulmicort (I only use it now during bad periods or respiratory infections). I do still need and use Singulair and generic Zyrtec daily, but those alone leave me largely symptom-free, whereas before even all three barely managed my condition on a good day, and I could spend weeks struggling on the max dose of each and still not getting relief.

Re: Thanks for responding!

Date: 2012-07-02 01:10 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] splash_the_cat
Yeah, that would definitely make the gluten thing more hassle than help!

I've wondered that myself, the immune system thing. Man, biology is weird sometimes.

Date: 2012-06-21 08:32 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] denisia
I still take Singular and Zyrtec daily, and have an albuterol inhaler for rescue/exercise. I also take daily Astragalus capsules for a number of reasons, including asthma. I take Sudafed for the migraines I get (which are triggered by barometric pressure fluctuations) and that has also seemed to help.

Way back when, I took many more maintenance medications, including Pulmicort, Advair and Nasacort. However, I really wanted to get away from the corticosteroids because they wreaked havoc on my health.

My asthma seems to have improved in the past year. I still have bad days, but the other night I had a 600 on my peak flow meter, which floored me.

Date: 2012-06-25 04:46 pm (UTC)
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I'm on Asmanex, which is inhaled mometasone furoate (the same active ingredient as Elocon steroid cream.) It has made a huge difference in my life. Unlike Advair and Symbicort, Asmanex is just a steroid and contains no bronchodilator. I can't tolerate steroid pills but the inhaled steroid has had no side effects for me after over 5 years of taking it.

If you want to talk more about this stuff, message me!


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